September 05, 2012

There is nothing better to getting a good facial done at your local beauty salon, but they can work out quite expensive. Below I give you the 5 tips to healthy skin for between visits that you can do at home.

These tips will work for oily, dry and also combination skin:

Tip 1
Cleanse The Skin - Firstly you will want to wash your face using a good facial cleanser for removing any dirt or grime from your skin. Also remembering to remove any make-up with a make-up remover as well.

Tip 2
Exfoliate - Taking a small amount of your exfoliate facial scrub and using circular motions massage this into your skin, concentrating on the areas around your nose and your forehead as these tend to be the greasy areas found on the skin in particular, rinse your face well as exfoliation scrubs do tend to be drying to the skin.

Tip 3
Steam - There are numerous ways in which you can steam your face, the first option is to fill a sink with some warm water a dip a face cloth into the water and press this to your face repeating this exercise two to three times. Or boiling some water filling a bowl and putting a towel over your head with your face facing towards the bowel and letting the steam from the water seep into the pores for around five minutes.

Tip 4
Mask - If you have oily skin then use a clay based face mask, if you have dry skin go for a hydrating gel or cream mask. To apply the mask always avoid the areas around the eyes, keeping the mask on for around 10-20 minutes in total and rinse completely.

Tip 5
Moisturise - Taking a small amount of your moisturiser smooth over your face and neck massaging throughout into the skin. This should leave your skin feeling soft and subtle.

These are the five steps to doing a good facial at home in between visit to your beauty salon. Make this part of your daily skin care routine and you will soon see an improvement on your skin.

Always remember to use products that are only suitable for your skin type. When it come to what is the best brand to use, it doesn't have to be the most expensive cleanser but as long as it is suitable for your skin type is sufficient.

Sharon Brown is a professional mobile beauty therapist from Kent who has had many years in the beauty industry specialising in skin care, aromatherapy massage, manicure & pedicure treatments within the community to her clients. Sharon studied firstly at Redbridge College in Essex obtaining her ITEC qualification in Beauty Therapy and then later on progressing to a diploma in beauty therapy.Article Source:


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